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Trading Strategies and More: The Best of

The list below covers the bulk of work presented on this site, though there is always quite a bit more to explore. We do the best we can of course to cover a wide range of topics and this site will be gradually updated going into the future. These links open new windows to make coming back more convenient. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.

Technical Analysis, Price Action Precision Entry and Exit, Price Patterns

Triple Tap / 3-Drive Measurement and the Rule of 3

How to Avoid Getting Slaughtered by V Tops and Bottoms

A Quasimodo / Over and Under Price Pattern Revision

Trend Continuation, or Failure? An Analytic Roadmap.

Measured Moves on the First Drive or Range Reversal

The Little Discussed But Widely Used Measured Move: Video Discussion of Most Relevant Concepts

Event-Driven Spikes in Forex Prices – Defining, Measured Moves and Trading

Becoming a Fluent Chart Reader – Clarity in Price Action

Mechanical Trend Trading: Adaptive Entries Using Acceleration Launchpads

Measured Moves on Trendline Breaks: Taking Profits, Redesigned

Inner Trendlines, And Why This Market Loves Them So Much

Inner Vs. Outer Trendlines for Retests

Triple Tap Discussion on EUR/USD

Trading Breakouts On The Small Stuff And Ditching Major Levels

Le Bust

Clearance Thrusts

The Perfect Trade

Triple Taps

60 Trade Examples

Liquidity Gaps and Spike Removals

All About Diagonal Trendlines: Variations & How To Use Them

Trading Range Breakouts

Event-Driven Spikes

Quasimodo (Over and Under Pattern)

Spike Base Pattern

5 Tips for Trading Volatile Currencies

Cracking the Trendline

EUR/JPY Graveyard Shift Price Action Trade Example

Identifying Entry Points Within Price Patterns

Implications of Key Levels & Price Exhaustion Overview

Bucket Pattern

The Bottom of The Bucket

3/4 Pull As A Reactionary Point

Routine, Psychology and Resources

The Decision Plan – An Alternative Process to Trade Entry

Correctly Applied Knowledge is Power: Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Application in Trading

How Well Do Bank Analysts Really Perform?

A Blind Man Drives a Car

Death By Opinion

Quant. Strategies vs. The Idiocies of Human Nature: Using One to Help The Other

News Feeds and Information

Every Trade Counts: Doubt Your Initial Reactions

A Price Action Trader’s 14 Rules for Survival

6 Jedi Mind Tricks for Bad Trade Management

Professional Versus Self-Taught Forex Traders; A Long/Short Hedge

Trading Addiction: Wasting Away Your Time and Money

The Most Obvious Thing To Do

My Top Five

Measure Twice, Cut Once – Drastically Improving Your Performance With Proper Planning

Losing Money Trading Forex

“AAA” – The Missing Link

My Daily Routine: Checks and Balances for a Successful Trading Session

5 Must-Know Time Management Rules for Traders

Getting Peacocked

The Most Profitable Traders

Take The Easy Ones, And Don’t Do Anything Stupid In The Meantime

Identify. Aim. Shoot. 9 Ideas to Help You Overcome Trading Roadblocks

Optimal Stop Loss/Take Profit Placement

Order Flow, Intermarket Analysis, Macroeconomics and Other Market Movers

The Sovereign Debt Market Explained

Free Online Academic Finance and Economics Courses

How To Improve Your Equity Curve With Zero Skill

Interpreting Touted Order Flows: Results of a Long Observational Period

This Presentation Explains Everything You Could Want to Know About the Forex Market

Charts Don’t Create Charts…People Do; A Primer on Forecasting Human Behavior

The Err Interpretation Of Technical Analysis

The Interest Rate/Equity/Dollar Correlation

Your Performance vs. the Industry: Comparing Forex Traders

Unfinished Business

NBT’s “Expectation Versus Reality”, Latest Edition