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Trading Strategy

Day Opening Types as a Precursor

I have a ton of posts on my backburner here and just wanted to do some spring winter cleaning and push some of them out. As many of you know by now I'm a user
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Up and Down the Profile

I haven't been nearly as active on this blog as I would like to be in the past few years, and so please consider this post more a framework so some of you can better
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Determining Broad Volatility via Previously Executed Volume

Determining Broad Volatility / Environment Using Previously Executed Volume

I realized it had been almost an entire year since I made a public video so I recorded the following in regards to a fundamental principle using volume profile. This is almost always overlooked by
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Volumes in FX: Useful or Useless? Putting a Bad Debate to Rest.

There is a neverending debate that goes on in regards to transparency in FX, or more precisely, the “fact” volumes are nearly useless because: the market is decentralized, and because of this, volumes are only
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What I'm Using to Trade with These Days, and Why

A lot has changed over the years with this site, and along with it, me. I see other people out there with an unwavering system of beliefs, sticking to (what I view as) an archaic
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Ratio of Market to Limit Orders: Determining Liquidity Instrument by Instrument

This is a follow-up video based on questions received from this one: “Delta” varies instrument by instrument based on the ratio of market to limit orders. This is extremely important to note when flipping
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Entry Points, Trading with Influential Participants & Price Action as a Supplement

It has been 3 years since posting a video to the public, but thought this was necessary given the evolution of markets, tools for analysis, and my own exposure to various methodologies. This site has
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How to Exploit Crude Oil in Its Relationship with Currencies

Finding any form of leading indicator for just about any market is perhaps one of the better tools at your disposal, as the anticipation and confirmation of a major shift is already present elsewhere. Correlation analysis is
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Trend Continuation, or Failure? An Analytic Roadmap.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted up a few quick notes in regards to some trend following rules in order to get this blog moving again. Today, I am literally writing a response to
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