Determining Broad Volatility / Environment Using Previously Executed Volume

I realized it had been almost an entire year since I made a public video so I recorded the following in regards to a fundamental principle using volume profile. This is almost always overlooked by novices yet crucial when it comes to gauging both environment and timing for new exposure, using any number of different types of strategies.

This video covers various basic principles of volume profile and is intended for those unfamiliar with the subject or those looking for an alternative view.

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  • Chris

    Thank you:)


    Hi Steve,
    Thank you for another interesting video lesson! Would be great if you could at least do one of these once a month 😉

  • Chris

    I suppose that would mean that Cumulative Delta would be more accurate at these thresholds of volumes?

    • Steve W.

      Even though I’ve talked about it I think the overall emphasis on cumulative delta should be dialed down for most people. Not necessarily, no. It is all very much dynamic.

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