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Reading is one thing, but pictures are worth 10x what I write sometimes. At the expense of sounding like a cheap advertiser, there are literally tens of thousands of pips in these examples alone, compiled over the course of several months.

Below you can find some of our greatest hits, compiled by multiple traders demonstrating many variations of our strategies across a wide range of timeframes. Many, many more in our Quick Charts section. Some of the screenshots are before trades were taken, some after, but points are made clear and fundamentals intact. Enjoy!

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  • Ishac

    I would appreciate if you can leave comments on these chart examples

    thanks for your great help.

  • Ross

    These are awesome examples. It always helps to see something rather than having it explained to you. I found the charts with comments/text boxes that explained your thinking. I just started trading live after a couple months of demos and trying different systems. I really like your system for its simplicity and the logic behind it. Thanks to your system and website i captured 85 pips my first day!this is a great website, i’ve learned more in the last week than i have the past two months researching forex trading. THANKS!!!

  • hunterkillua0

    Thanks for posting the pictures~~they are helpful!!

  • Anonymous


    Thanks you Steve

  • Julius


  • mahesh

    great stuff. 🙂
    Thanx a lot Steve

  • Arshed

    Thankxxxxxx (shukriya)

  • ray

    this is the best forex site i've seen! keep up the good work steve!

  • Anonymous

    Is there supposed to be some accompanying text? I don't see it. Thanks for the charts

  • Anonymous

    loved seeing all the examples. they really drove the point home. thanks


  • Fred

    Thank you for the charts, unfortunately I could not make it to the weekend course in June 2011, but will keep checking up on the site for new posts.

  • As

    wow, impressive charts

  • Paul

    These are gold! An impressive collection of S/R trades!

    Steve, I notice as I read through your blog that you seem to have made some changes/additions to they way you trade since you began at ForexFactory. I wonder if you might do a post discussing some of those changes and the rationale behind them?

    Thanks for openly sharing your understanding with the public. It is simply amazing!

  • Trader No. 9

    Great examples. Nice, clean and simple 🙂

    Trade to win!

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