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Category: Trading Strategy Examples: Quick Charts

GBP/USD Resting and Historical Levels

Decided to do something different today (not sure I'll keep doing it because it overall presents poorly) – low resting volume areas are in deep red. low historical volume areas are in light red. Both
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GBP/USD Levels Based on Resting Orders

I posted a similar chart to Twitter/FB yesterday for EUR/USD. Here is today's for GBP/USD with better explanations on the chart. Regardless of the instrument, you would seek to trade into these areas and potentially
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GBP/USD Measured Move and Spike Base Scenario

This is late – and it is very hard for me to get stuff posted prior to this time of day but here it is: Most recent measured move article / very spike base'ish scenario
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eurusd spike support

Spike Base Support, Trading EURUSD

As I work on more longer term stuff for this site, just some of the obvious rearing its head my way these days – this one on EUR/USD. Enough time has passed to say that
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Regarding 1.3100…

I posted the following on Twitter the other day, in prep for the 3100 handle getting approached. I did not, however, anticipate it happening this rapidly until I took a deeper look at charts last
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And EUR/JPY On a Tear

‘Scuse the mess on this one but everything here should be rather obvious.  Massive strength in all Yen (weakness) crosses today.
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EURUSD Orders and spike base price magnets

EURUSD Orders, Levels, Break

Pretty obvious one today. Clean break on this major downward sloping trendline and up to the order clusters we go. Spike base at circa 3250 and stops right around that 3230 area = magnets.
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Because We All Love Specifics

Small trade, so so reaction. Not sure I ever get too thrilled about such short term stuff, but here ‘goes: Two charts here – same pair, a 3 minute and a 15 minute – intraday
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Trend Trading Projection Strategy

Range-Based Measured Move In A Trend

Article coming soon about measured moves on ranges. Seems simple at first glance but as usual there is more to the story. Today we popped above 3400 and spent any form of significant airtime over
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