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EUR/JPY Graveyard Shift Price Action Trade Example

To put it bluntly, I am really, really sick this week, and I never get sick. So I've been up late coughing and turning back on my MacBook Air in bed to see what's going on in the markets. This popped out at me late last night. I couldn't find a clean entry on EUR/USD (which I believe offered the better return) but this was lining up perfectly, so I got up, went to my PC, and dug in.

I had been all over these pairs earlier in the day, so I was fully aware of the background context, in case you think I was “shooting from the hip” here. I'm going to be covering a lot of this in greater detail soon and in an organized manner (one thing I definitely need to work on for this site), so stay tuned.

Also, I'm not a fan of showing all of this stuff in the past anymore than the next guy. “Trading” is flawless and like a slice of mama's apple pie when it's all done in hindsight. I've got a plan for that too, though not necessarily the same as what was done in the past on this site (I used to post trades blatantly on this site, until I found out that A LOT of people were taking them and very badly mismanaging them in the process once open).  If you know me professionally, you know that I have zero patience for stuff like this and don't tolerate it.  So we'll do what we can in the interim. For now, I hope this can at least help in a small way and thanks for stopping by.

EURJPY 5 Min Chart Forex Inner Trendline