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Charts don't create charts – everything that happens on a chart is ultimately the result of the expectation or occurrence of events. If there's an industry standard, Reuters is it.  Below are alternatives as well as other relevant analysis / information regarding touted depth.

Sites mentioned in this video (NBT has no affiliation with these):

Ransquawk –

Talking Forex –

Market News International (Deutsche Borse Group) – in reference to Foreign Exchange Bullet Points –

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  • Steve McGrechan

    I get the MNI feed with Ashraf’s premium service, do you know of the limitations of this feed as compared to going direct? Good information as always thanks Steve

    • Steve W.

      Hey Steve,
      That’s the feed and yeah its pretty much everything I mentioned per a good friend of ours here. He basically had the 2 running side by side an that’s what he saw.

  • Janson

    I think there are FX brokers which have MNI feed included like Saxobank.
    Is this the same feed or just a slimmed version of it? And does anyone know other brokers which have this feed, too?

    • Shab

      Even I want to know, which brokers provide the MNI feeds. Since I am intraday trader I am only interested in
      1)order flows
      2) institutional involvement rumors
      3) Options

      Hope to hear from you guys soon

  • Baruch Fishman

    You can get talking forex for free.  If you go to zerohedge dot com there is a link on the right side

  • Brian Binns

    Steve: If you had to choose one (1) . . . either MNI’s FX Bullets . . . or Ransquawk’s Talking Forex . . . which would it be . . . got a feeling the choice will be MNI . . . but just would like your opinion.

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