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Category: Trading Routine and Psychology

A Few Books Relating to Execution

I feel as though I can never take in enough when it comes to execution. Had I known years ago what I know now, I would have made this a much higher priority in my
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The Trader's Guide to Mythological Constructs

Like anything else, trading has its fair share of fads. They come and (generally) have a much harder time disappearing vs. something like fanny packs. People are drawn to novelties and things perceived as “easy”.
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Prevail Versus Fail: Sophistication and Preparation

Many traders I come across have a very loosely defined notion of what they intend to do every day: identify some support and resistance, see how price is trending, check the news, run some indicators,
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My Notes, and Changing the Perceptions of Novice Traders

As with anyone else, as I get older, I get tired of nonsense and slightly impatient when it comes to progress. Despite the occasional silence on this blog, I take a large amount of calls
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The Crypto Backdoor to Freedom of Leverage, Hedging Other Instruments?

Crypto currencies have been on my radar lately. Not because I like getting smoked in illiquid markets, but because creative, alternative uses for them have skyrocketed in the past 3 years, and I just really
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Why a Swing Trading, “Hands-Behind-Your-Back Strategy” Never Worked for Me

Last night, I had a great conversation with a gentleman who has been following my work/this site for many years now and as a result, we have come to know each other casually via email,
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Fundamentals of Market Structure: For Noobs (and Experienced Traders Without Proper Footing)

One thing I can bet on 100% is that the majority of traders approach markets improperly because many times, they don't understand them at their root. There are a lot of online learning initiatives available,
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Should I Focus On One Instrument, or Monitor Several?

A question I have been asked many times over the years, and it just came up again today. The simple answer is that it depends on how you're trading. First, the cliff note answer: For daytraders,
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Getting a Trading Job: Types of Firms, Positions Available and What It Really Takes

When people think of trading firms, their mind tends to shoot in one direct: wall street mayhem, images of people sitting on a long desk, ticker symbols all over the room, etc. and people yelling
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