In Price Action Trading Strategy
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Main Points:

  • Price trades above a key area, buyers keep buying, price trades below a key area, sellers keep selling
  • Look for congregation or blocks of order flow and then confirm movement through subsequent activity
  • Be aware: draw trendlines and understand how they are being used on but a long and shorter term basis; everything happens for a reason
  • Watch price around certain times of day:1. what price is doing leading into it and 2.what happens at that approximate time
  • Boot pattern is caused by a spike/drive lower or higher; at the base or top a local significant high/low causes the consolidation
  • Use price symmetry to determine feasible price exhaustion points to avoid getting eliminated on premature fades


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  • Alexander

    Steve, I've been always amazed how clear, concise and practical your videos are. Each one has some truly golden "nuggets". Thank you for your effort!

  • Mark

    hi, video doesnt work for me

  • nobrainertrades

    Might have something to do with flash on your machine? Seems ok here.

  • nobrainertrades

    (hat tip) Happy to help thanks!

  • crost

    great video…
    thx alot

  • prochargedmopar

    I like it, combine with Chris's Price action info this is great stuff!!!

  • @PLooB

    Absolutely brilliant. I like how you go through PA on M1 and H1 TFs.

  • @plukin

    I really wanted to watch over your shoulders for some time ๐Ÿ™‚ It's crazy! Remembering the price action how it was in real time..watching your video and I'm showed what was all there and suddenly it makes sence.. You know so much.. Love it, thanks
    But this one really got me "whenever you have no clue start drawing diagonal tl's" ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Gary

    As usual Steve……Great stuff!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • rick potz

    I love your site! I started trading about four years ago. I stopped going to trading rooms and webinars. I decided to figure this out on my own. I wasn’t satisfied with what others taught. I decided to find consistent and reliable behaviors realizing that in order to trade successfully I needed to predict price or have a reasonable idea of where price is going. I’ve spent hours in front of computer screens learning this. Everything you present hear is consistent with hours of my own research. Your infromation is consistent with how the market works. I’ve tried to find a mentor to help speed up my learning process but few offer what I consider reliable information. YOURS IS EXCELLENT. I’m visiting your site now because I’m trying to find ways of determining whether price will break or hold key areas. I search for information to help open my mind to better methods when I run up against a wall. Your information
    helps. It offers new ways of seeing what I’m seeing. Thanks for your efforts. It is well appreciated. Yours is by far the best stuff I’ve found anywhere. Believe me that’s high praise coming from me. I only acknowledge materials that work and mess with a real live trading enviroment. Thanks again. I’m sure you receive praise but not enough. So, I’ll say it again. Thanks.

    For one of your articles could you please offer a video on how you use liquidity gaps. I know its the first thing you look at at the start of a day. I’d like to see your thinking process. A walk through of couple of charts would be great with observations of what you are specifically looking at and how you would use them for your day trading. Thanks again.

    • Steve W.

      Hi Rick,
      Just wanted to thank you very much for all the warm and very encouraging words here. I appreciate it all very much, and am assured that this is one of the reasons I keep maintaining the site.

      In regards to your question, yes, I receive a lot of questions regarding liquidity gaps. Please know that their primary function for me is simply in terms of identification of environment.

      They are quick and easy to spot, And aside from price ranges themselves, Can offer the best roadmap to use in terms of chart navigation.

      I treat them like gaps in any other market. They come in different forms and can signify different things. I’ll see what I can do in terms of bringing more clarity to the subject, but thanks again very much for stopping by, and the kind comment.


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