Bucket Pattern

There's a small delay in this video here between voice and video just so you're aware.

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  • $1million in 7 years

    Hi Steve,

    Your blog has been giving me a lot of knowledge.

    Keep it up!

    Best Regards,


  • winny

    simply just great

  • revival_fx

    awesome. just awesome.

  • Chronic Records

    Can’t seem to access the video did you take it down ?

    • Steve W.

      Oh, yeah this post is ancient. I lost a few videos on the site migration, but probably for the better because they can be explained better nowadays anyway.

      “Bucket” refers to what I used to call liquidity gaps, similar to single prints in market profile. Basically its a void / low volume area in price which fills. There is a video covering this here, which is also a little dated, but gets the point across https://paracurve.com/2011/05/liquidity-gaps-and-spike-removals.html

  • hype

    unprivate this video it’s part of history!

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