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It was my 10th grade English teacher who introduced me to a slew of famous social experiments, most of which are centric on obedience, authority, and conformity. Stanley Milgrim, Asch, the Stanford Prison Experiment, etc.,
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Taking Another Look at Price Action

While  it's obvious I have lost most of the blogging bug over time, I still enjoy getting things up here every rare once and a while. And while there are innumerable topics to discuss in
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A Few Books Relating to Execution

I feel as though I can never take in enough when it comes to execution. Had I known years ago what I know now, I would have made this a much higher priority in my
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100% Free Squawk Through

I have known the founder of for many years now and just a couple months ago, he contacted me seeking feedback for a squawk service he launched a while back. Even with people have
Read More Replaces NBT: Here's What to Expect

Well, that took long enough. I'm happy to report the “burden” of a name I never actually cared for has been lifted. Everything from the old site is still here. We just set up 301
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NBT Will Become, Also Changing Content, This Week

Just a quick update to let everyone know that the name, NBT, will officially be a thing of the past starting today, March 15th, with March 18th being the latest expected day of the change.
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Moving Ahead at NBT

These days, the crickets have been chirping on the NBT side of the fence and I am with no doubt going to end up checking off this year in my life as one heavily labeled
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