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NBT Will Become, Also Changing Content, This Week

Paracurve-Logo-Sketch1Just a quick update to let everyone know that the name, NBT, will officially be a thing of the past starting today, March 15th, with March 18th being the latest expected day of the change. Later today, we'll be updating all social media profiles and finalizing the setup of a ton of redirect links to the new domain.

After a fairly decent amount of outcry from our initial plans of the new name, we decided to go on a hunt for more. So that being said, the official, “set in stone” new name will be ParaCurve Trading, or just There's a story behind this name, but I'll save it for now.

Just know that the former domain is, in essence, completely unrepresentative of everything I/this site is about and so this is very long overdue and welcome change. Its a lot of work to change a domain as old and as large as this one, and this is why it has taken so long to do it. There are currently around 70,000 inbound links to this site, so I have to make sure all of that remains intact.

So without rambling / giving out too many details in regards to future plans for additions, just know that I would like to be a lot more diversified around here. I'm active in virtually all major markets in one capacity or another (as I have been for a long time), and use a range of materials as a result. So its oftentimes frustrating to have to stick with prices in and of themselves as well as steer the boat towards Global Macro/Forex when in fact I have piles of info elsewhere available.

So with updates forthcoming, just know there's a lot to be excited about. Thank you as usual for your continued support and I wish you all the best.