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Well, that took long enough. I'm happy to report the “burden” of a name I never actually cared for has been lifted.

Everything from the old site is still here. We just set up 301 permanent redirects. As I mentioned in the last post, there was an initial uproar over the first pick for a domain change, so we went on the hunt for more and here we are.

New stuff is on the way both here and FXS. I purposely didn't make any drastic changes per instructions via Google. The old domain was just under 9 years old. It's not something that gets forgotten overnight. FXS can expect a new volume section populating on Monday (the “guts” will be worked on but uploads could take a while due to how they're being uploaded…..unfortunately not nearly as easy as adding a video to YouTube). It will trickle throughout the week and end in approximately 3.

Strategy as you know it on this site is going to get a big facelift. My obsessive personality prohibits me from handing defective material so as usual, I stress perseverance when it comes to gaining knowledge about the markets we're trading. They're evolving every day, but almost always fall back on underlying principles. I've gone ahead and uploaded a video in regards to order flow, price action, etc., to YouTube in order to start demonstrating just how this all plays out on a regular basis. PS…..narcissism and I don't get along, which is why I lay low to this day. But if I'm able to get more up, I will.

So what's with the name? 

Paracurve = 1 word, 1 expression smushed together, where:

para = parabola > parabolic – you might remember parabolas from high school algebra (the quadratic equation results in a parabola), but in trading, we use the word parabolic in reference to a trend that intensifies, generating a steeper chart/price angle (minus the equal geometry).  So in a nutshell, things get steeper or just more intense.

curve = learning curve….and bear with me here. As most people know, trading is usually packaged/presented as easy when we start learning about it. I think this is true of many other forms of investing. But as we dig in, things actually get harder, not easier. This of course is counter to what most people expect where, the more we know, the easier things get. This is true with several other fields out there…, medicine, etc.

Now if you want to change the definition of curve to equity curve, we sound like cheesy marketing experts, so the choice is yours. But that's not the intent.

As time passes I am never amazed at the amount of misinformation that hits the internet and beyond, so I'll keep making it a priority to point out value where I see it. We're getting a few new sections to this site, some out of necessity.

I've been daytrading futures for quite a few years now, and you'll notice this site is virtually dark on the subject. I know many of you do as well, but just be aware that I'll still address how everything I discuss can get tied back to interbank markets as well, most notably FX. CFDs are a given.

Over the years, market behaviors have changed (primarily due to manner in which volume is executed) either for better or worse, but the behavior is detectable. This all plays a part in knowing what to expect when it comes to many forms of price movement. At risk of sounding cliche, having the right knowledge and tools and absolutely essential, otherwise I recommend you go back to blue chip stock buying. Daytrading has never been an activity for the faint of heart, so bit by bit we'll get that information to you as quickly as possible. The next post will just be a highlight of the last video, with more to come.

My main goal moving forward is to provide help on the financial side of things, and not just with daytrading. If you're here for daytrading then great…..I know a lot about it.  But there's a lot of other subject matter as well, and it would be a welcome change for me to get it covered. Just not real estate. Ask me about real estate only if you want to give bad advice to someone you don't like.

I say this all the time, but I sincerely do appreciate all the thoughts and consideration over the years. New chapter, and thanks as always.