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These days, the crickets have been chirping on the NBT side of the fence and I am with no doubt going to end up checking off this year in my life as one heavily labeled with the word “busy”. New home, lots of construction, another little one on the way, and another hand surgery just to remind me everyday what a fine tuned machine your fingers really are (so you better not mangle them like I did!).

In addition to the day to day trading/work routine, my afternoons have been spent on the FXS Analytics side of things. Client support is something which has taken a considerable amount of time and certainly slowed down or otherwise prevented me on moving ahead with other life distractions in the way. But I don't mind it and quite the contrary…..I enjoy hearing other perspectives, meeting new traders and interacting in a way that I wouldn't be able to otherwise. My one-on-one meetings are terrific and I enjoy the ability to assist in problem solving…..these are all things I enjoy doing quite a bit.

Regardless, time is time, and I have to keep moving along here. I have been intending to “drip” content for while now, coming to the realization that there are just not enough hours in the day to do so. With that, I am going to move forward on a full second release consisting of more sections. Add-ons and other enhancements are definitely on the “want list” as well.

For NBT, its update consistency is unknown, but I will keep everything moving along to the best of my ability. This is a site that I have come to love over the years and definitely nurtured it to the best of my ability. I will continue writing as I am able.

Futures is an arena which I have entered almost in full swing these days to the point where I rarely trade OTC FX anymore. This is what I am best supported by at work and (not surprisingly) an area which I have come to love via volume analysis, which is of course available across all markets.

At the end of the day I wish to make writing habitual once again, as it is certainly a part of my life that I miss. In the meantime, I am making one final push for the FXS site this week and put the pricing model back down to appx. where it was at launch, 11 months ago. This is all I plan on doing ahead of any new material as I have learned that the time invested alone puts everything essentially where it needs to be. If you have already signed up and have not done so already, please contact me to schedule a follow-up session.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and just wanted to send out a handshake to the world and let you know that my heart is still beating well and strong. Thank you again for your continued support and all the best!



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  • Seb

    Awesome Steve,
    I’m still getting loads of value out of FXS Analytics, and can’t wait to see what’s next there! Best investment I’ve made in any kind of training/learning ever.

    Hope the hand is healing nicely!


  • Ecclesiast

    Congratulations on your current project (FXS) and one that is seemingly a smooth and deserving transition from No Brainer.

    Found NBT roughly a year or so ago and have read and reread three of your articles (okay one is a video) that have defined my methodology and patience.

    1. The Little Discussed But Widely Used Measured Move: Video Discussion of Most Relevant Concepts.
    A) Favorite by far made me a very patient investor. I now commit to weekly charts and await the trigger.
    2. Measured Moves on Trendline Breaks: Price Objectives, Redesigned.
    A) Compliments #1 beautifully.
    3. All About Diagonal Trendlines: Variations & How To Use Them
    A) Fanning. Need I say more?

    With that said? Thank you.

    Truth is? I was waiting on your book, cash in hand!! But FXS makes better sense. Again congratulations on your next step!

    I’m curious about it actually and may consider becoming a member. But as stated I prefer weekly action and will hold my position for up to two trading weeks. Not sure I’d fit your approach.

    Wishing you much success.

    • Steve W.

      Hi EC, thank you and I’m happy to hear you have found use with the work on this site. Lots of time spent on it over the years! No problems or worries with anything else and I just appreciate the visit and comments very much. This place has been up and running since 2008 now so needless to say I would have a very hard time letting go :). Thank you!

  • Julia

    Just a simple question really Steve.
    Why have you moved away from trading Forex.? As the largest traded market in the world, one assumes it must be lucrative enough for any company / individual to perform in, especially for someone with your vast knowledge !

    • Steve W.

      Hi Julia, Just getting in here for some overdue posting, and realized I had some much older unanswered comments so apologies. It was more of a matter of circumstance, not wishes. When I made a move out west I ended up parting ways from the private/CTA business and began working alongside a prop firm, who incidentally trades energy out here. Just the way it went more than anything else. Much better overall setup for me because I’m not bogged down with sales, compliance, legal, accounting, and everything else that comes along with it. With a family, it wasn’t so easy to maintain it all and I’m happy with the choice.

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