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100% Free Squawk Through

I have known the founder of for many years now and just a couple months ago, he contacted me seeking feedback for a squawk service he launched a while back. Even with people have known for a long time (you too, FJ 🙂 ), I evaluate everything that hits this site anymore.

I have been listening to the feed for some time now… is professional, no nonsense news, live, and at zero cost. FinancialJuice's text feed itself features content from FinancialJuice itself and ForexLive.

Markets covered are all you can imagine, with a seeming emphasis on major events / macro, FX and equities.

So that's it. Short and sweet here, but at no cost there's obvious value minus the noise (cough cough not that sites like Twitter have any noise or anything) and recommend checking it out. Happy listening!


PS….Going to start dumping some articles I have had in the backburner on this site for a while. If you knew how many drafts I have saved….doing some spring cleaning here and want to get them out. Thx