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Category: Forex and Futures Commentary

Funded Trader Platforms: A (Seriously) Objective Dive Into How They Work (No Affiliate Links)

It was roughly ten years ago when I saw this “pay to prop trade” business model for the first time. Since then, many, many copycats have popped up and it's easy to see why: this
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Virus Headline Impacts on Liquidity, Volatility and Locations

I rarely do any kind of recent market commentary these days because I would never be able to keep up with it. I've been in this business for a good amount of time now. I
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A List of Prop Trading Salaries: How Much Money You Can Expect to Make

I'm sure these sound familiar: “Top 10 trading methods to earning $1,000/day (#4 will shock you!)” “See how this welder earned an extra $3,000/week with only 5 minutes a day looking at charts!” “Everything you
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Institutional Research Section Updated

Just a quick note to say that I went ahead and updated a number of links on the FX institutional research page, and added a format that was much easier to navigate / expand upon. My main
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Trading is Not a “Way Out” of ^%$*ing Anything

This is year #8 of yours truly maintaining a blog. And that's about all I have been doing, quite frankly. Maintaining. I wasn't sure how to start writing this post today because I realize the
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Spot Forex Sinks and Other Shifts in the Latest 3-Year BIS Survey

Most people seem to have become complacent and accepting of the nature of the FX market over the past couple decades. Its already massive size in terms of turnover, for obvious reasons, and outright ludicrous growth have done
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The Swiss Miss and Volatility Rips: Multimarket Overview

What a show today. It is days like these that I am completely reminded of the humility one needs to do this kind of job day in and day out. And it is also a reason I
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SPX: 6 Years of Money In The Bag and a Pile of Doomsday Theories

When it comes to the stock market, I'm not one for doomsday theories. Those that are tend to metaphorically climb a brick wall, constantly reexplaining their logic for such over and over again. And while many of
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Buying Guide: Toys and Tech for Traders

So I have a little confession to make; I am a bit of an office junkie, and I love testing and trying out the latest and greatest, or just making my life easier or more
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