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Month: April 2017

Update on Cable Following Yesterday's Monster Drive

GBP/USD initiated a massive movement yesterday from appx. 1.2776, following the already massive one previous in the session. I believe its now going to be looking for its “priced-in” rate now that the liquidity gap caused
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GBP/USD Resting and Historical Levels

Decided to do something different today (not sure I'll keep doing it because it overall presents poorly) – low resting volume areas are in deep red. low historical volume areas are in light red. Both
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Stop Getting Crushed by Misuse of Trading Strategy

Pretend you were planning a drive from New York to Los Angeles. You have to be there in 6 days, and with the expectation of driving 10 hours/day, it will take you 4 days to
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GBP/USD Levels Based on Resting Orders

I posted a similar chart to Twitter/FB yesterday for EUR/USD. Here is today's for GBP/USD with better explanations on the chart. Regardless of the instrument, you would seek to trade into these areas and potentially
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