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Month: December 2011


Recap of the Eurozone Downgrade Avalanche – Current Status and Potential Action on EZ Nations

Update (with more to come, we're sure)  5:00EST: Belgium downgraded by 2 notches to Aa3 by Moody's. —————- On December 5, Standard and Poors placed 15 of the 17 Eurozone nations on creditwatch: negative, or
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EURUSD Forex Chart 15 Minutes

Textbook Activity in a Non-Textbook Environment

There's always something out there that makes sense form a technical perspective, and if you go back in our posts you'll see some clear signs of consistency when it comes to some of these seemingly
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Triple Taps Price Pattern Forex

Triple Taps

“Triple Taps” simply refer to 3+ successively lower lows or higher highs.  Price action after the occurrence can signify either long or short entries in both circumstances.  Usually, of course, you're going to find these around major areas of
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