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Fundamentals of Market Structure: For Noobs (and Experienced Traders Without Proper Footing)

One thing I can bet on 100% is that the majority of traders approach markets improperly because many times, they don't understand them at their root.

There are a lot of online learning initiatives available, for free, these days. Many of the courses on them are put up there by top tier universities, and there is certainly no shortage when it comes to economics and finance.

Recently I stumbled across one that would resolve piles of questions I regularly receive from newer traders. This is, at its core, a very basic course, but explains all types of major markets properly and at their root. It was administered by the New York Institute of Finance and taught by Chris White, CEO of a financial consultancy based in the heart of lower Manhattan.

Here's the course:

I'm posting this here, admittedly, because it is someone of a pet peeve of mine. I see many people attempting to trade something in which they don't even understand from square one.

Its free, along with everything else over at edx.

You can listen to it (and many other courses for that matter) in your car, on a walk, at home in front of your computer, and so on.

And while you're at it, here is a companion course in electronic trading, also taught by Chris.

Coursera, Edx, UdacityAcademic Earth, iTunesU, etc. all great other spots to explore for any other topics.