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Currency, Equity and Commodity Trends in Plain English

For those of you relatively new to the world of intermarket analysis, or simply looking for a brush up / obtain more information on current markets, Blackrock features a very much 101 series dedicated to doing just this. I stumbled across this blog and webseries last night looking for something else.

Bear in mind that Blackrock takes an unequivocally long-term approach, as they are at their core a long-term asset / wealth manager.  Either way, I found these worth mentioning here as I know plenty of people have an interest in getting some quick and to-the-point direction when to comes to basic fundamentals.

It is also not to say that what they assemble should be written in scripture (such as their forecast on rates…this is “G” rated commentary, unlike this guy). In several videos my mind quickly wanders into “yeah but…..” territory, but then again I am not known for my basic of all basic explanations. I am sure they could elaborate in much deeper detail as well, but that of course defeats the purpose of having such simplified posts. Either way, I found them to be a good starting point for discussions, with plenty of further elaboration possible.

This is the one that grabbed my attention, with the rest listed here. Overall just a good and comprehensive series that is much of a teaching tool as it is current events.

DoubleLine's webcast and video series also comes to mind, while a lot more comprehensive.

This series is of course one of many in a now giant pool of wealth managers looking to add to their collection of online research and education tools. Competition in this field is about as high as ever, with robo advisors and the like starting to make noticeable dents in preexisting business models. There are several listed in our institutional research section now, with more to be added. Should you have any others, feel free to comment below.