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Month: February 2013

Mechanical Trend Trading Strategy: Adaptive Entries Using Acceleration Launchpads

Trend trading can be an extraordinarily difficult thing to master, and indeed, most people rarely do. Buying low and selling high is programmed into our brains from such early days of trading to the point
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Measured Movement Example 5 Forex

Measured Moves on Trendline Breaks: Price Objectives, Redesigned

Today's discussion revolves around one of those topics that, depending on the level of experience of the reader, oftentimes provides an “ah-ha” moment. And when I have talked about today's topic in the past, I am humbly
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Leviathan Thomas Hobbes

Correctly Applied Knowledge is Power: Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Application in Trading

Once again a reorg of this site has brought up a few gems that I'm taking to heart these days. This one came from a comment on my Death By Opinion article, one of my
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EURJPY 5 Min Chart Forex Inner Trendline

EUR/JPY Graveyard Shift Price Action Trade Example

To put it bluntly, I am really, really sick this week, and I never get sick. So I've been up late coughing and turning back on my MacBook Air in bed to see what's going
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EURJPY 15 Minute Forex Chart Patterns and Trendlines

When You're Lost In The Woods, Don't Wander Around

Boy oh boy, have I gotten tired of myself these past few days. I wanted to redesign this site for quite some time now to serve a number of different purposes, and just overall get excited about
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