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A Message From The Not-So-Dead At NBT

Well I really did it this time.

You might think I was going for a blogging hiatus world record here, and I might have actually succeeded if that was the case. But it's been far too long without an update to this site, and as usual I have my excuses reasons.

Some of you have sent me quick messages which, in effect, ask if I'm basically dead or otherwise completely out of commission. The short answer is no. But what have I been up to?

Changes. Lots of them. Both on a business and personal front. All is for the better, but I can't say it's been easy.

In relation to trading, and perhaps the primary reason I haven't been around in so long, is that I've been heavily invested in developing trading systems for several 3rd parties. My system development appears to have hit another level, one which I am quite proud of yet at the same time want to beat to death, because it has nearly killed me over these past few months.

I tend to be the type to think that all efforts will pay off in the end, and this case is no different. I've got quite a few years of experience under my belt of trading system development now (and a lot more in just discretionary trading), and so I wouldn't be inclined to say that my efforts are on any kind of amateur level. And I have to say: over the past few months, I've become extremely well versed, on a number of different fronts, in regards to what works and what's a waste of time in regards to many different areas of this field.

So bottom line, I'm happy with the time invested, but yes, it feels like I've been running a marathon, every day, for the past 7 or 8 months.

So what does that mean for the status of this site? Not much in terms of updates, but small changes here and there when it comes to the type of content. One of the biggest issues I have had with this site from the very begging is the lack of objectivity on terms of trade selection and management. You can safely bet that I'm going to be doing more work in term of shining light on more objective approaches that simply can't be scrutinized unless it's not even attempted.

Like many other bloggers out there, you have those days where you say “does it even matter?”. “What's the point?”. And in this industry, I even wonder if like-bloggers can actually be causing more harm than good, by posting rhetorical vomit just for the sake of blogging or systems bound to fail due to their lack of quality and / or sophistication.

So we'll see. Regardless, I felt the need to post a quick status and let everyone know that my heart is still indeed beating, and more NBT scribbles are on the way.