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With the holidays near, I thought it would be fun to spread a little holiday link cheer to a friend if anyone finds interest. Old Map Gallery has an arsenal of original antique maps from pretty much every corner of the globe dating back to as early as the 1500's, from what I can see. If I know one thing about the demo. that visits this site is that history/science etc., is of usual interest, hence here it is on the blog.

I recently purchased a map of New York City from 1860, and they were able to blow it up to a massive 60X45 in print, removing unwanted imperfections through a local printshop. The original is staying in the family as well.
Best of all, they are pretty affordable, depending on what you're looking for. Check out some of their maps from other regions:

New York










…but just go to the homepage and search for virtually anything and there is a good chance it, or something close to it, is there. You can also try calling/emailing them to inquire about anything you don't see, but are looking for.

Or click here to download their recent .pdf catalog.

Embedded in this post is a French 1770 map of the Colonies of America. Enjoy!

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