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Without a telescope, nor any other form of advanced optics, I wasn't ready to miss something that I wouldn't get to see for another 80 years. Hype aside, it is after all just a lunar eclipse, but a rare one as it overlaps the 2010 winter solstice. Chances are I'll be making better lawn fertilizer than a trader/writer the next time this opportunity rolls around, so this is my best attempt to capture the action.

I'm working from a remote location today and was lucky enough to have some clear skies, considering much of the rest of the country is either covered in a blanket of snow or getting doused with rain right now.

Taken with a Canon Rebel T2i with nothing more than a kit lens (18-55mm), but all I can say is that it looked a lot better in person:

And here is, unquestionably, a much better slideshow:

In related news…..

….astrology traders go insane with excitement. Sure enough, another very rare event has been announced today….China pledges to take “Concrete Action” to help Europe. Here's the related article:

My assumption would be that this is a bit rarer than an 80-year event, but just a hunch.

But wait, there's more: Once again, Moody's comes along and pulls yet another “party foul”….placing Portugal's ratings on review for a possible downgrade, and EUR takes a temporary hit. Talk about a bunch of negative Nancys. Related:

Careful out there – this is an event driven market today….pay attention, listen/read/be on your toes and all the best,


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  • mids99

    I just bought a new micro four thirds camera recently and attempted this same shot and failed miserably so can appreciate your effort, it's a lot harder than you'd think. A bit like trading really, those who are good at it make it seem easier than it is 🙂 Or maybe it's just me, lol.

  • nobrainertrades

    I literally went out there in 10 degree fahrenheit weather and froze my fingers while I grabbed this, resting it on a rock while doing so the lens could remain open and not wobble around…..I'm sure there were more productive things I could have been doing but oh well….

  • Tim

    Very nice Steve…pretty jealous as I'm stuck in the winter wonderland that is upstate NY. Simply cannot pass up this if you have the opportunity.

  • Josh

    Saw the eclipse too. Made it a familial moment. I made specific mention as well that memories of the eclipse will be via wetware rather than hardware.

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