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List of free forex-specific resources, all a click away. If you have anything you feel should be added, please send it to me, and thank you to all who have contributed thus far.

Click each section to expand. Enjoy.

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Audio and Video Market Data

Talking Forex (Ransquawk) Live Audio Market Commentary via ZeroHedge

Live market commentary (Reuters feed, market rumors, etc.) squawked live with a 5 minute delay. Real time is only GBP20.00/month. Announcer squawks live news aggregated from professional sources through all trading sessions. It’s a great service and well worth making a part of your daily routine. These guys are good and offer a quality product.


Free audio alerts in real time, but only for the US trading session (7am to 5pm EST). Service is 100% free. I haven’t tried it out yet, it was just sent to me so I sent them an email to sign up.

Bloomberg Live

Live BBG TV.

Economic and Credit Charts and Data

Trading Economics

Tons of world data available taken from many sources

FRED (St. Louis Fed)

Anything you need on the US get here. World data is also available.


Mainly the US economy.

S&P Sovereign Ratings

Self explanitory.

Moody’s Sovereign Ratings 

(need to register but free)

Fitch Sovereign Ratings

(need to register but free)

Wall Street Journal Economic Chartbook

US economy.

FX Volume and Market Depth

New York Fed FX Volume Survey

Updated monthly.

Futures – CME Group Volumes and Data

(need to register)

Futures – CME FX Quarterly Review

Aggregate contract and notional volumes.

Oanda's Order Book

Live volumes of client positions. Trade into the aggregate pending flows. They're basically the same on any institutional ECN. Poor minds think alike.

Oanda's Historical Position Ratios

The above, but historically speaking.

Market Data and News

IFR Markets (read)

Highlights include order flows touted on currency pairs, briefings, outlining daily notes, key levels, etc, Forex OTC option data, volatility data including risk reversals, etc, and technical studies. You can get an abbreviated version free with an Oanda Demo or Live account here Go to the Oanda platform and click go to Resources>FXNews. Everything is there.

Bloomberg Currency and World Market News

UBS Currency Strategy and Research

Free with an Oanda account.

Reuters Currencies (News + Pricing)

RTT Currency News

Wall Street Journal Currencies

Financial Times Currency News

Online Charts, Option Data and Performance


Some of the best and easiest to use free online charts available, and they are also good friends of ours. Equities and full Forex available at the time of this writing. Since their launch, has been using their charts as its primary means for explanation in its posts.

Forex Automaton

Excellent resource for arb strategies, using a favored variant for calculating correlation coefficients.


Various tools including correlations, volatility and distribution.


Easy COT (Commitment of Traders) Charts.


NASDAQ World Currency Option Chains


*This section need help. Please send me your ideas. My only request is no retail brokers.

John Mauldin

Mauldin provides (usually) bi-weekly updates to readers on world macro conditions…from his site: “Mauldin is the President of Millennium Wave Advisors, an investment advisory firm registered with multiple states. He is also a registered representative of Millennium Wave Securities, a FINRA-registered broker-dealer. Prior to that, he was Chief Executive Officer of the American Bureau of Economic Research, a publisher of investment newsletters and books”….

Van Tharp

Free newsletter commenting on trader psychology and current market environments by the author of ‘Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom’. His risk management strategies are great. Ignore his trading strategies.

Joe Ross’s Chart Scan Newsletter 

I’ve been getting this since I started trading. Joe Ross is one of the pioneers of individual day trading techniques and offers a wide range of books, services and trading systems for futures and forex markets, but you can get his newsletter for free.

GANN Global Financial

Strategy specific, of course. Offers a free newsletter with latest technical ideas.

EBooks and Articles


Tons of great reading material can be found on (please excuse the audio in the back; I admit in saying I find it a little weird, but the site material is good).

Not a trading site, but type in the name of any trading book and there’s a likelihood you’ll find a reprint of it here

Free Magazines

Currency Trader Magazine

A free magazine distributed monthly outlining latest events, strategies and input.

Futures and Options Trader

As the title says, but still filled with lots of useful information in regards to trading strategies.

Futures Magazine

Free magazine with all of the above, but emphasis on futures trading strategies. Currencies are also discussed from time to time. Can’t beat the price.

SFO (Stocks, Futures and Options) Magazine

A free monthly magazine with a wide range of trading articles dedicated to the daytrader.

Global Finance Magazine

Delivers the full story; corporate finance, joint ventures and M&A, country profiles, capital markets, investor relations, currencies, banking, risk management, custody, direct investment, money management and all the rest-specifically tailored for corporate readers around the world.

Investment Advisor Magazine

Authoritative features, product surveys, planner profiles, and monthly articles on improving client relationships; covers the spectrum of portfolio management.

Trading Tutorials/Instruction/Strategies

Informed Trades

Massive and free video course available – good place to start for noobs.

NASDAQ’s Online FX Trading Tutorials

Site features a lot of valuable data.

Elliot Wave International

offers 10 free lessons, with access to another 10 free before you have to pay anything

Decision Point Learning Center

Online overview of various technical analysis / trade management / psychology techniques

Investopedia FX

This website used to be much better before the retail crowd took over, but still some decent stuff.


These guys run the “Trader's Expo”, which is basically a great thing to go to if you love sales pitches. Website is now flooded with videos and articles about trading instruction.


Well organized dictionary of FX terms.

FX/Alt. Inv. Industry and Regulatory

The CFTC’s Financial Data for FCM’s (Futures Commission Merchants – aka Futures and Forex Brokers)

See how your broker stacks up financially.

ForexMagnate's Directory

Full-blown directory of businesses servicing the FX industry.

NFA (National Future's Association) BASIC

Search and see if your prospective broker has been decked for any serious violations. Many have.

FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

FSA got cut up into 2 categories – this is the one that will contain information on broker regulation.

ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission)

Regulatory arm of Australia.

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    all the good stuffs steve.thanks.

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    God bless you and may live long your trading career.


  • asri

    Hiya bro ,

    Great stuff . Appreaciate it . Tqvm .

  • habibie

    thank so much and may the almighty GOD increase your bounderies you have been so instrumental to my life as a trader.It is my utmost desire that all of us who have benefited one way or another from your postings will be able to extend the same virtue to others.Thank you very very much, GOD BLESS YOU!

  • Anonymous

    Great Stuff, awonderful list of resourses!!

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    Thanks Steve, great list!

  • Forex strategies

    Fantastic resources, that too for free. Its a steal. Keep up the good work, it clearly shows your hardwork and intention to help others.

    Happy to visit your site.


  • rumiguru

    Fantastic collection of useful sites

  • Hussein

    Not sure how they rank, I came across them recently but have you heard/read stuff from forexlive?

    • Steve W.

      Thanks Hussein I know of them but as with anything else the issue tends to be that they filter what they wish and essentially only post via a blog, hence lag time, etc. I always tend to lean to the side of just spending the little cost that exists and simply doing it “right” so to speak.

  • Gary

    I truly miss this free service Talking Forex (Ransquawk) Live Audio Market Commentary via ZeroHedge – http://   

    As of this past week…..Access denied to this resource. Please login

    Anyone know how to get another fre link?


    • Steve W

      Hi Gary, try this link:

      • Gary

        Wow Steve…. you’re the best!

        Thanks so much!

        BTW, I last heard they were now adding Asian session.


      • tiko

        Hello Steve, i am new here and want to know whether u can provide the way how to access the ASIAN Session, because i do stay in thailand. many thanks in advance already…… cheers TIKO

      • BsOld

        The link is not working steve.
        Further the old link is giving delayed feed 🙁 (Zerohedge still advertises as live feed, too bad)
        Any new link?

        • Steve W.

          I just noticed this not too long ago as well. I think they finally pulled the plug on the free feed. The good news is it still only 20 pounds per month, which is a great bargain considering the alternatives out there. I’ll update the post and thanks for the heads up.

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