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It's Easy to Stay Connected…

For the past 9 years ParaCurve has been a provider of free, no-nonsense guides to trading for professional, stay-at-home and enthusiast daytraders. Since or inception our readership has grown well beyond our expectations and continues to expand at a steady rate due to our simplified methods and routines. We invite you to join us and become a part of our regular readership.

Staying connected is easy through any of the following means. We respect the privacy of our readers and practice strict guidelines to prevent information slippage across networks or to 3rd party commercials.


1. Periodic Email Newsletter

In our newsletter, we provide links to articles and information updated throughout the week. For those seeking a general overview of the week's action and helpful articles provided, this is your best option. ParaCurve sends out emails when new, large articles get posted or timely information is released. Readers from 178 different countries subscribe via email and this base continues to grow at a steady rate. We provide tips, ideas, and thoughtful insights to a no-nonsense way to trade currencies so we invite you to join our community.

To subscribe via email please enter your email address in the box below and follow the prompts to get started. ParaCurve's email list is powered by Aweber, a secure and trusted name in email communication. We respect your privacy; we will never send you spam and you may unsubscribe at any time.


2. RSS Feed

If you're a fan of apps like Flipboard, Pulse or use Google Reader, Feedly, Netvibes or Feed Demon, RSS is the way to go. RSS sends ParaCurve articles seconds after they get posted straight to your RSS reader. This is one of the fastest ways to keep up to date with our site and has become a preferred method of receiving updates for many people.  If you use Fliboard or Google reader, RSS is the way to go.

The ParaCurve RSS feed contains all site updates and is powered by Feedburner, a Google-owned provider. To subscribe via RSS, simply click the link below to get started.

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3. Facebook Page

TheParaCurve Facebook page alerts fans of any current article update immediately after they happen as well as general commentary or market thoughts. Facebook has allowed ParaCurve to expand its reach and onto the desktops of traders across the globe. To become a fan of ParaCurve and follow our posts, simply log into your Facebook account and click the “like” button on our page found below.

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4. Twitter

Like Facebook, ParaCurve's Twitter feed allows readers access to our articles on the most timely basis as well as general market commentary and thoughts. If you have a Twitter account, we welcome you to click the link below followed by the “Follow” button at the top of your Twitter screen to start receiving ParaCurve's tweets.

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