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EUR/USD Scribbles

Trying to make sense of the Euro's wishy washy behavior at month end. Offers holding ground sub 3270 but significant trendline buildup now, with the inner trendline showing it's face today, and this is the one we care about in the short term.

Targets below assume a break, entry either into the line on short term trendline breaks, rejections after a break, etc. Regular divergence along highs. Today, the last day of the month, we're seeing not all that much in terms of harsh volatility. Most of that rang in on Friday. The next 2 days, however (one or the other), I expect to see some pickup.

Topside now sees stop accumulation with roughly 3/5 of the FOMC gap still exposed, seeking a full fill on this on any lunges. Entry based on a break of the initial spike base into the highs and short term trendline breaks, seeking a trigger on stops (failure 3255 a no-go). Base trendline holding in itself would be a strong indication.

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