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Month: May 2011

Had you listened….

….to the bulk of FX analysis on the planet yesterday you probably would have been fiercely buying into EUR/JPY or USD/JPY following the uptick higher leading into yesterday's London session. Consistency seemed to remain across
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Making a Killing While Making a Killing – BoNY Taking Heat for a Worn Out Practice

As if the practices on Wall Street haven't been criticized enough in the past few years, it is shameful that any added fuel gets tossed on this already roaring fire. Over the past couple of
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The Currency / Equity Correlation

Many investors that try to decipher market flows and attempt to understand the way money moves in and out of this or other markets are likely to, at one point or another, refer to the
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Trading Addiction: Wasting Away Your Time and Money

The word “addict” conjures negative thoughts – it is a dependency, psychologically and physically, that has one spending his or her time on activities that have taken over other major aspects of life.  For some
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Credit Ratings By Country

A Guide To S&P's Credit Ratings by Country

Rhetoric related to credit ratings, and actual upgrades and downgrades have been responsible for some massive currency movements, particularly over the last few years as nation after nation gets sacked with troubles. provides us
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Why Wrong = Good

With a slew of propaganda out there telling us to go up, down, sideways, trade with this, that and the other thing, my common reaction to all of this is just sit, observe and work.
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On Arrests, Unwinds and More Bailout Cash

As the rush of unwinds, short term sellers and event-chasers continued to step up to the plate last week, a continued, slight gap lower came in today with the help of yet another event, perhaps
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NBT Spike Base Pattern EUR USD

The Most Obvious Thing To Do

First, let's start off the day by just throwing around some words: Pure, clean, clear, clean, simple, plain, authentic, wholesome, pristine, immaculate, untainted, true, flawless, natural, unstained, genuine, virtuous, unblemished, straight….perfect. These are words that
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NBT Q&A with InnerFX

I was recently asked if I minded being interviewed by a friend of the site, Liviu of InnerFX, to which I replied, “okey dokey”. I'm regularly asked questions from readers via email, social media, messages
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