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Brushing Up On Chart Patterns

Dicing up price into separate components allows us to make sense of, and bring clarity to what might otherwise seem like noise to the rest of the world. I all boils down to opportunity and opportunity comes through structure.

There are a lot of price patterns out there; oftentimes, more than we care to have but regardless, and as my mother used to say “organization is the key to success” (and a couple other things).
If you're looking for a concise overview on common price patterns I recommend you check out Thomas Bulkowski's site. Tom has written more than a few books on the subject including “The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns” found on my Book Shelf.

They're just good to know, use, and have as a reference in the back of your brain. Tom has a thorough site which includes a visual index you can find by pointing your browsers here:

Bulkowski's Visual Index of Chart Patterns