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A lot of people have been asking me about trading these levels on other markets from the very beginning of this blog, and while the emails pile in and I continuously see great traders sending me ideas, I rarely post anything about them.

I tend to think that the FX market is more technically driven than other others, but it doesn't exclude other markets from showing very strong signs of speculative, technical input. Not by a long shot; we of course see it all the time and thousands of books have been written on the topic. But to what degree is entirely another question.

I manage assets invested in currencies by trade, so while my time constraints more or less keep this blog on track in terms of solely nailing home these ideas to other forex traders, the methods used here and principles applies could easily be transferred into other arenas. Some of the strategies posted here work just as well or if not better in other markets, depending on what you're dealing with.

When I first started the blog, I remember a trader sending me a thank you note for all the help that I provided in improving his trading of WTI, Crude Oil. While I love hearing about things like this, the idea never really hit home to me about how many other readers of this blog are busy investing in other markets.

I have even noticed over the course of the past year, a lot of smaller brokers, who used to previously only offer forex instruments, are now dabbling in Gold, Silver, Crude, and other major commodities that can be easily crossed into the FX platform.

While I admit I am not a daytrader in these markets, I do find a lot of value in seeking longer term trades in them. I tend to follow the notion that currencies indeed lead these markets to a certain extent, and even have models build on my own end that rely heavily on currency movements to forecast their direction over the longer haul.

The FX market is the most liquid in the world, much more than any of its commodity peers. That reason alone is perhaps the main reason I stay focused on currencies here.

I imagine the main purpose of this writing is to find out how diversified my readers really are, and how many other markets they participate in. While I monitor primary futures markets pretty heavily, you never see me posting much about them. If you’re actively investing in other markets or have found any techniques that hold up particularly well in other areas, please feel free to raise a hand and comment below.

There is a big difference between technical trading techniques and technical trading techniques that actually work; sifting through them and finding the best outputs for whatever we are trading is always the common goal.

In the meantime, below is a chart of Silver. As you can see, same old business as usual.

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  • Jason

    i don't trade other markets yet, but i fully intend to. i'm studying for my series 3 which is forcing me to learn how to trade futures and options which will ultimately lead me to trading other markets. would love to read anything posted on other markets!

  • Chris

    My thoughts on FX vs other markets as well, I'd rather specialize personally. But investing in Gold or silver very long term through a SDIRA or other vehicle is a great idea. Steve, what's your interpretation of the silver chart? From a pure technical standpoint, I'd be waiting for the $16 to $16.30 – .50 zone before going long, then obviously paying attention to the obstacles you drew out there. But of course I'd like to see the levels further left on your daily, and the weekly + monthly too.

    BTW – thanks for starting to actively post again – I know blogging takes a time and energy though…

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