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ParaCurve is a strategy, routine and idea repository for active traders and investors. Trading Futures, FX and Equities since 2008.

Complicating the Uncomplicated | Making Foundational Trades

We have a natural tendency to overcomplicate just about everything in life, and in this business, there's an endless sea of hubris. My second job was working under a guy on an FX desk for
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Square Roots

Years ago, I sought to make sense of the (seemingly) several billion price patterns identified for charts. In this process, I found six topping and bottoming structures which presented themselves on a routine basis. This
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Double Top or Bottom Pullbacks

This is one of the six topping and bottoming structures found around every point of reversal on your charts. Double or top or bottom pullbacks essentially the reverse sequence of square roots. Due to the
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Trading Plans: Too Often, Recipes for Chaos

In the early days of this site, I was asked a generic question from one of these large, mostly online financial publishing companies. It was something along the lines of “What's your best piece of
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No Fight, Just Flight | Death by a Thousand Papercuts

For a while I've been wanting to go through this site and just post a series of short form items that go for the jugular, if you know what I mean. So here is my
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Funded Trader Platforms: A (Seriously) Objective Dive Into How They Work (No Affiliate Links)

It was roughly ten years ago when I saw this “pay to prop trade” business model for the first time. Since then, many, many copycats have popped up and it's easy to see why: this
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It was my 10th grade English teacher who introduced me to a slew of famous social experiments, most of which are centric on obedience, authority, and conformity. Stanley Milgrim, Asch, the Stanford Prison Experiment, etc.,
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Taking Another Look at Price Action

While  it's obvious I have lost most of the blogging bug over time, I still enjoy getting things up here every rare once and a while. And while there are innumerable topics to discuss in
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Virus Headline Impacts on Liquidity, Volatility and Locations

I rarely do any kind of recent market commentary these days because I would never be able to keep up with it. I've been in this business for a good amount of time now. I
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"If you can't see what's important, you make whatever you can see important."

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