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ParaCurve is a strategy, routine and idea repository for active traders and investors. Trading Futures, FX and Equities since 2008.

Funded Trader Platforms: A (Seriously) Objective Dive Into How They Work (No Affiliate Links)

It was roughly ten years ago when I saw this “pay to prop trade” business model for the first time. Since then, many, many copycats have popped up and it's easy to see why: this
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It was my 10th grade English teacher who introduced me to a slew of famous social experiments, most of which are centric on obedience, authority, and conformity. Stanley Milgrim, Asch, the Stanford Prison Experiment, etc.,
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Taking Another Look at Price Action

While  it's obvious I have lost most of the blogging bug over time, I still enjoy getting things up here every rare once and a while. And while there are innumerable topics to discuss in
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Virus Headline Impacts on Liquidity, Volatility and Locations

I rarely do any kind of recent market commentary these days because I would never be able to keep up with it. I've been in this business for a good amount of time now. I
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A Few Books Relating to Execution

I feel as though I can never take in enough when it comes to execution. Had I known years ago what I know now, I would have made this a much higher priority in my
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Day Opening Types as a Precursor

I have a ton of posts on my backburner here and just wanted to do some spring winter cleaning and push some of them out. As many of you know by now I'm a user
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100% Free Squawk Through

I have known the founder of for many years now and just a couple months ago, he contacted me seeking feedback for a squawk service he launched a while back. Even with people have
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Up and Down the Profile

I haven't been nearly as active on this blog as I would like to be in the past few years, and so please consider this post more a framework so some of you can better
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The Trader's Guide to Mythological Constructs

Like anything else, trading has its fair share of fads. They come and (generally) have a much harder time disappearing vs. something like fanny packs. People are drawn to novelties and things perceived as “easy”.
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"If you can't see what's important, you make whatever you can see important."

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