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The articles listed below outline some of the VERY basic tenets of our technical strategy, but don't necessarily qualify as an outline to fully understanding all of the methods explained throughout this site.
They were written some time ago to provide just a very general overview of support and resistance trading. These articles will give you a basic overview of our methods for trading price action, though more comprehensive outlines are provided to readers through other areas in the strategy/articles section and delivered constantly through regular updates. Subscription list members are notified of updates, but we encourage you to explore other areas of the site if you are seeking more information.


Trading in Synch With Market Movers

Indicator Systems and Why Many Fail

The Basics

Stong Versus Weak Levels

Fibonacci Extensions

Diagonal Support and Resistance

Stacking Bricks (Trend Continuation)

Knowing if the Level Will Hold: When to Fade, When Not to Fade


Entering Trades

Introduction to Trade Management

Mechanics of Risk:Reward

Position Sizing

Introduction to Stop Losses and Taking Profits

Stop Losses

Taking Profits

Appendix: 60 Trade Examples

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