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Tag: Measured Movements

What I'm Using to Trade with These Days, and Why

A lot has changed over the years with this site, and along with it, me. I see other people out there with an unwavering system of beliefs, sticking to (what I view as) an archaic
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Trading High Probability Shock Announcements – Interest Rates Edition

I have had some pretty good success this past week selling into this EUR/USD move and thought I would write about a few encouraging things that happened along the path. Euro pairs have been running,
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Trend Trading Projection Strategy

Range-Based Measured Move In A Trend

Article coming soon about measured moves on ranges. Seems simple at first glance but as usual there is more to the story. Today we popped above 3400 and spent any form of significant airtime over
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Measured Move EURUSD 2.00

EUR/USD 2.0 Measured Move on Trendline Break

Yet another great example, this one uploaded by a reader of ours, Geoff, name creator of the highly acclaimed “Bill Murray” pattern (yet to be created). Related article explaining the concept can be found here:
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Event-Driven Spikes in Forex Prices – Defining, Measured Moves and Trading

A few weeks back we covered measured moves on trend line breaks using a 2.0 (100% extension). Regular visitors to this site have seen it used in other contexts as well, namely the Golden Ratio
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Measured Movement Example 5 Forex

Measured Moves on Trendline Breaks: Price Objectives, Redesigned

Today's discussion revolves around one of those topics that, depending on the level of experience of the reader, oftentimes provides an “ah-ha” moment. And when I have talked about today's topic in the past, I am humbly
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