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eurusd spike support

Spike Base Support, Trading EURUSD

As I work on more longer term stuff for this site, just some of the obvious rearing its head my way these days – this one on EUR/USD. Enough time has passed to say that
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EURUSD Measured Move 2.0 Variant 1

2 Measured Moves: 2.0 and 1.618 Using Trendlines – EURUSD, Forex

I swear I'll keep posting these every day until this gets the attention it deserves. These concepts are discussed in detail here. And yes, there are other confluence factors not outlined here. Click the images to expand.
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Forex Measured Move Chart Price Projection

EUR/USD 100% Range Measured Move Post Nonfarm Major Reversal

EUR/USD nails and hits the breaks on a 100% measured move of the final pullback low.
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Dreamy August Starts With A Bang

This week consists of one of the busiest schedules we have faced in a while, and either out of utter genius or sheer idiocy, I scheduled a short vacation several months back starting on Wednesday, so
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Operation Twist, The Last Time Around

With so many journalists / analysts essentially stating as fact that some version of Operation Twist 2.0 is on the books for tomorrow, I thought it might help to toss up a friendly reminder of
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The Eurozone Continues To Do What It Does Best: Scare The Crap Out Of People

Deja vu. At first, all seemed rosy, with the pro-bail-out party (New Democracy) winning Greece's general election, and then the focus shifted once again on Italy and Spain, with bond yields hitting gasping highs of
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The Mighty European Descending Price Pattern

A fundamental shift driven by U.S. data, political events in Europe, generalized LTRO aftermath as well as continuous bleeding of uncertainty regarding Spain has dropped support for the Euro, as with global risk overall, and
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Respect Zee NFP

Everything went ahead and got a little bloody today. Currency markets went through 3 blow for blow rounds of varying market conditions within a window of only a few hours following today's employment release. I
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EUR/USD Scribbles

Trying to make sense of the Euro's wishy washy behavior at month end. Offers holding ground sub 3270 but significant trendline buildup now, with the inner trendline showing it's face today, and this is the
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