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Month: March 2012

An In-Depth Look at Deleveragings

With the FOMC's latest statement on tap (and taking a sharp turn from yesterday's post) I wanted to shoot out a paper that I flipped through with a good amount of interest lately. It comes
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The Perfect Trade

My inbox gets hit with questions quite a bit, and I can be faulted in the past for not posting many of my answers here for everyone else to see. Last week I got an
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6 Jedi Mind Tricks for Bad Trade Management

It's usually not the setup that's the worry, it's the management. We recently covered an article here whose primary focus was using quant strategies to overcome human behavior and in it, discussed how poorly people
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EURUSD 1 Minute Chart Price Patterns

Observations Daytrading EURUSD Today

I'm winding things down for a quick break (and when I generally go “lights out” on this blog until tomorrow afternoon) and just wanted to show what I've been up to today. First off, I'm
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Guest Post: Dollar Bounced Off Support; EUR and Metals Sell Off

We rarely do guest posts here, but just wanted to highlight the work of our friend over at There are few Forex bloggers out there that stand by much credibility, and Liviu has been
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