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It's a little extremely rare that we talk gadgets around here but my own needs sent me on a search the other day seeking more output from my mobile devices (not to mention LTRO / Bernanke overload is making my head swell). With a 13″ MacBook Air as my general purpose “hit the road” computer, I've already experienced more than enough instances where I've needed more screen real estate.  After looking around for portable monitors, I kept on hitting the same roadblock: USB 2.0 connections, which I know from experience creates nothing but lag, drag and a lot of angst on my behalf. And then I found the MMT Field Monitor, which has more than enough connections to suit my needs and is probably one the most unique-looking monitors I have ever even come across.

They are making 2 versions: the first (pictured above) contains a num-pad that many compact laptops lack. When at my desktop, I know that can't get by without my numpad, so having it as an added option is obviously something I would use. My only concern with this is whether or not i have to use the USB display port in order to tether it and actually use it. I use an adapter that connects Thunderbolt to HDMI (or DVI, VGA should I choose) on additional monitors, so I have speed as a readily-available option, which I don't want to sacrifice.

The second version of the monitor comes with an iPad docking station, where you literally plop the iPad right into the device and it will clone the screen. I can see this being helpful for a slew of entertainment purposes, but not much else. Either way, both support connectivity from mobile devices, so if you're on an airplane and want to see what's on your iPhone in full-view, this guy will let you do it.

The Field Monitor starts shipping in spring.

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  • Edward White

    With the new iPad, and its new screen res, I think it could play out quite well as a second monitor. But it sad, it will only clone the screen, instead of letting it extend onto it. I know there a program called Air Display, that will let you add an extra display using airplay, but I do not know how responsive it is compared to usb(I imagine, on the same, if not slower), and it will work right now. But I like the idea of adding the dock and connecting a Thunderbolt adaptor to the iPad, instead. I can just hope I guess for now. 

  • Cliff

    Not sure you are monitoring this older post, but here goes.
    I have seen you mention using your Mac Air a number of times now.
    I’m using mine now to type this question.
    However, I’m at a loss to find a way to trade from it.
    Do you actually follow and place trades from a Mac Air?
    Thanks much for your trustworthy info and incites to trading Forex.

    • Steve W.

      Hi Cliff, Parallels is the quick answer for any Windows based applications, and for a lot of my work I just use a Remote Desktop, wiring into my work PC. Parallels really is the best program to run anything Windows, and you can find it on sale a lot of times (I think I only paid about 40 bucks for it). Trades I take aren’t high in numbers on a mac, mainly because when I’m using it, it’s during off hours for me anyway, but I do. A lot of work just gets done online now anyway as well.

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