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Month: December 2010

2010 Closeout…Finding What Clicks In Sporadic Ramblings

Well the day is here, and I am no doubt leaving 2010 in silence as this office complex is virtually bare boned empty today. I always thought about the idea of taking off this long
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2010 Performance and Aggregate Data

Below you'll find a list of data used to summarize the overall latest picture of where we will end the year in terms of rates and current status of last month/Q3 data for all others.
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Take The Easy Ones, And Don’t Do Anything Stupid In The Meantime

As 2010 comes to a close and I dig around for any possible way to summarize yet another tumultuous year, I am reminded of the origins of this site and the premise on which it
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And Now For Goldman….

Links below point to Goldman's 2011 Global Economic Outlook piece published roughly a week prior to the Morgan Stanley docs posted yesterday. GS has been criticized lately on their seemingly overly bullish outlook for local
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Morgan Stanley Annual FX Review and Forecast

While the focus as usual tends to be on employment growth (which alone we question in the U.S. on a number of fronts, particularly in production and manufacturing) and increased spending/forecast GDP, a question lingering
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NBT Gets Lunar

Without a telescope, nor any other form of advanced optics, I wasn't ready to miss something that I wouldn't get to see for another 80 years. Hype aside, it is after all just a lunar
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Ireland CDS

A 5-Notch Downgrade, More Injected Cash & EUR Takes a Friday Dump

It’s oh so easy to focus on the negative because it is, after all, oftentimes a lot more interesting than the positive. The day started off great……good news and positive outlook, the EU rolling up
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I Need to Hire a Motivated, Results-Oriented, Innovative, Team-Playing Problem Solver with a Proven Track Record

I just read an article on the L.A. Times website that reminded me about one of things that relaxed me when leaving the employment of a corporation with thousands of employees. They published a list
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Interactive Platform – All About Euroland

This is an interactive map assembled by Deutsche Bank Research quite literally packed with information. Click on the left column to select your economic indicator, followed by country on the map for specific details. Hold
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