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Month: November 2010

IFO Data Blowout; Euro Gaps

German IFO data comes in much stronger than expected at 109.3 vs expected 107.6. Euro's immediate reaction pulled it higher on the good news, quickly countered with some massive wallets looking to sell into the
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The Euro Crisis In Numbers

Spiegel provides a big picture view of European Debt: Click here to view the entire gallery (9 images total).
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Geopolitics and Sovereign Debt Take The Risk Off

Two, relatively small nations border each other, both packing some of the largest forces on the planet. With images of artillery shells exploding on South Korean mainland being viewed across the globe, it is impossible
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North Korea / German Finance Minster's Comments Rattle Euro

German finance minister says: Euro is at Stake Germany is not swimming in money, but rather drowning in debt Hearing any kind of claims such as these from Germany poses a threat as Germany is
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Euro's Rejections Today….Where and Why

I just logged into start my day and read a comment on the last post that the 61.8% retracement also registered a good hit today during my downtime. Seconds later I see that the
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Intraday Bounce: 50% Retracement Wins It

One way to slow down a trend:
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EURUSD Pennant Pattern Forex

NBT Quantitatively Eases Back Into Motion

Please don't get too excited by the title — we haven't decided to print money to give to our readers (though would not be a bad incentive….we'll let the U.S. Fed be our test dummies,
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