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Month: January 2010

An Alternative Way to Add Multiple Monitors

I recently got another PC for my home, solely for the purpose of running news feeds, communication and internet browsing. Rather than spending a lot of money getting a new graphics card, I hit the
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Identify. Aim. Shoot. 9 Ideas to Help You Overcome Trading Roadblocks

  When I first started trading, I searched high and low for the solution of all solutions that would reap the most profits. Methods came and methods went, as I realized that most of them
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Short Term Spike Base Example

Cable : lower than expected GDP number yesterday caused the pound to spike lower. Pushes higher on the currency caused it to revisit the consolidation area ahead of the spike seen below. The original spike
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Hildebrand Reaffirming Franc Anti-Appreciation Policy; A Look Back at the SNB's Greatest Hits

On Friday (January 22), the Wall Street Journal released an article in which they interviewed the newly appointed head of the Swiss National Bank, Philipp Hildebrand. Through the haze and fog, one statement rang louder
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"Trader" 1987 Classic Documentary about Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones is the founder of Tudor Investment Corp., the multi-billion dollar firm based in Connecticut, and later the Robin Hood Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to enriching the lives of poverty-stricken New Yorkers.
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‘The Technical Analyst' Announces Best of the Best Shortlist 2010

‘The Technical Analyst‘ Magazine (UK based) announced their best of the best shortlist for 2010. Winners are announced at the Awards Ceremony on March 25. For the rankings we care about, ‘Best FX Research and
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Quick Chart Update: EUR/USD

In what began to look like a textbook bearish flag pattern before we reached the Pt. 1 highs on the chart below, EUR is still feeling the pain of the downtrend triggered by the better
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Optimizing Stop Loss / Take Profit Placement

“What’s the best place to put a take profit or stop loss?” If this post doesn’t clear it up, I’m not sure what will. Let’s forget about price action for a moment and let the
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