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Month: October 2008

Every Trade Counts: Doubt Your Initial Reactions

Its easy to forget what makes us money sometimes. Profitable traders, and non profitable traders alike, go through phases where they oftentimes forget what it was they did when they were making money. We get
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Trading Breakouts

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Anyone Familiar With the USD Carry Trade?

The US cut another 50bps off of its interest rate today, and sent equities skyrocketing, and the dollar down the drain. Risk-related pairs went through the roof, many of them coming up to the halfway
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Picking Up the Pieces

Japanese equity markets showing big signs of strength today following the open, trying to recover from 5 straight losing sessions. US home sales came out a little better than expected today, and the US rallied
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Measure Twice, Cut Once – Drastically Improving Your Performance With Proper Planning

  If there was ever a turning point in my career where I went from mediocrity to consistency, it was when I started putting together a daily plan on a regular basis. The exercise takes
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Take the Easy Ones

  Staples would love me for putting up this picture. Looking at price action tonight, we’re seeing a somewhat difficult zone here, particularly on GBP, EUR and CHF that is going to require a breakout
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USD Has a Pretty Good Week

….for the US dollar, who else? This USD uptrend doesn’t want to give up, and I’ve been playing dollar longs and short term countertrend shorts all week mainly on EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. Pips have
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Manufactured Money: Let's Print Some Cash

Nowadays, if you say “please”, chances are someone will give you $150 billion dollars. World indices are showing sluggish gains tonight but not expecting it to last, or with huge strength. Economics are still bad
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60 Trade Examples

Reading is one thing, but pictures are worth 10x what I write sometimes. At the expense of sounding like a cheap advertiser, there are literally tens of thousands of pips in these examples alone, compiled
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